Cooking is a science it is up to the cook to make it an art (Gualtiero Marchesi)

Cooking for me is ...


It is the condition of one who is subjected to an external action or impression and suffers its effect both in the physical and in the soul.

In the kitchen, passion takes center stage and lives on the plate infusing "taste to taste"


To seek emotion in the dish is the ultimate goal of cooking.To thrill is to enhance sensations, to play with memory, to make the senses vibrate, To eat is to celebrate a ritual, traveling a journey


It means respect for the rules of cooking. From rigor comes respect for the ingredient and the diner.

Rigor does not limit us but exalts us,from this intransigence comes the claim to do and strive for the best.


Some shots of the dishes that have taken place over the years at "Marina Del Nettuno"

They say about me

Some reviews gathered from "The Fork" website

Elegant and engaging atmosphere; attentive and friendly service. The dishes on offer, with their goodness and beauty, invite you to a truly intriguing multi-sensory experience

Simona P.

An experience that leaves a mark ... the food is incredible, the chef is a genius. The service is perfect, everything is perfect! Without a doubt the best dining experience in Messina. Wonderful

Arturo B.

Beautiful venue in charming location, well led and supported by the chef with the delights of which he is capable.

Experience to be repeated

Morena D.

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Marina Yaching Club in Messina

The revolutionaries of yesteryear were not politically correct, they didn't mince words, they didn't use the right words, but they argued with care and culture and, if necessary, launched provocations by confronting the enemy "de visu." Pasquale Caliri is a revolutionary of yesteryear, not dropping tarts apologizing with an "oops!", but proposing truly provocative and swaggering dishes having fun christening them with calembour, subverting the order of ingredients in the description, casually mixing France and Spain with Italic certainties with the aim of alerting senses, messing up axioms and triggering reflections. His is a sincere and authentic "Menefotto" of the prevailing gastronomic mainstream, supported, however, by technique, sensitivity and irony. What is needed, and increasingly lacking, in a restaurant industry that has abdicated its most authentic vocation, losing sense, identity and cultural value.
(Danilo Giaffreda)

My Team

Professionbale cuisine is not the work of a single chef; it is teamwork. Only they, the kitchen brigades, make a restaurant great.

Anoji Sandaruwan

Sous Chef

Richard Garcia

Chef de partie

Joe Nawala

Chef de partie

Gabriele Donato


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